Newsletter Signup

I remember visiting their web page from my phone. I remember visiting the restaurant last Friday. I don’t remember signing up for a newsletter, or actively giving them my email address.

Newsletter Email

I paid with my credit card by handing it to the server, who returned with the slips for me to sign.

I’m guessing that this is related to a merchant feature of using Square (or whatever they are named now) as a credit card processing platform, along with the fact that often with Square I’ll have email receipts instead of paper receipts.

Westcott Bay Shellfish Co.

Perils of Open Tabs

I have had several tabs open in my browser for an extended period of time, across multiple reboots of my computer, and connecting to several different networks.

Today I was traveling and happened to be using the WiFi in the Amex Centurion Lounge. Two of the background tabs in my browser reported privacy errors, and when I tried to go to them anyway, they were redirected to an ATT hotspot error page. What’s really frustrating is that now, I don’t know what one of the original URLS was.

Initial message when page didn’t load
Web Page Blocked

Both pages were hosted on and I’m pretty sure were related to GIT, possibly with a group of handy commands to remember.

AlaskaAir Safety Placard

I’ve always liked looking at the safety placards when I fly. I’ve only been on two trips during 2021, and the current version in the Alaska Airlines 737 struck me as particularly funny.

During Flight

The character is just so hip. He’s got tattoos, a Sub Pop t-shirt, converse shoes, drinking coffee and reading a book.


The oxygen deployment demonstration shows that it’s cool for dads to be taking their daughters on airplanes. It’s also implying that kids like airplanes and are more likely to be engrossed in a toy airplane than whatever is causing the masks to be deployed.

Prior to taxi, takeoff, and landing

There are so many things to love about this picture. The guy standing has a puffy coat. The woman has a laptop covered in stickers. The other woman is carrying a Starbucks coffee. The follicaly challenged man is wearing cuffed trousers and boots. Everyone pictured is narrow and fit looking. The amount of knee room between the seats compared to a real airplane just seems cruel.

US Travel circa 1966

Bill, Sue, Maxine & Barry

I’ve heard about a trip my parents took around the US before I was born. I have seen pictures from the trip, and heard stories of things that happened. My father died in 2016 and my mother died in 2019. As my sister and I have gone through things, we come across items that bring up questions. This map is one I wish I’d been able to have conversations over.

One of the fascinating things with the map is that it is from 1964. The US Interstate Highway system was not complete at the time.

The Interstate System

The Interstate System