IPV6 6to4 and Centurylink

My home internet is DSL by Centrylink. I’ve got the DSL modem connected to a Netgear WNDR3800 router that I’ve been happy with for the past 6 months. With the recent (6/6/2012) IPV6 day I decided to look into whether I had IPV6 available to me.

It was fairly easy to go into the advanced settings of the router and tell it to use Automatic mode for IPV6. Once I’d done that I could go to sites to test my network connection such as http://test-ipv6.com/ or http://ipv6-test.com/. Both of those sites indicated that I was using the 6to4 mechanism for IPV6 access.  If I clicked on either of the information buttons for the ipv4 or ipv6 addresses, they both showed as being registered to Qwest, which doesn’t surprise me because I’ve seen how far behind internet bookkeeping usually falls when companies change names.

I don’t know if the 6to4 was being done at my router, or if it was being done at a qwest data center.

I know that when I ran the tests in my browsers on my windows machines and iPad they all came back saying that they had a unique IPv6 address, but the browser would prefer using IPv4 if it was available.

What I seemed to notice was that some of the apps on my iPad seemed to have more intermittent issues connecting to services. The facebook app seemed the worst of these. I don’t know if the problem was at all related to the state of IPv6 on my network, but I’ve decided to disable IPv6 at the router for the next couple of weeks and see if things on my end are any more stable. The options in my router were Disabled, Auto Detect, Auto Config, 6To4 Tunnel, Pass Through, Fixed, DHCP, or PPoE. My router is configured in the basic setup so that it does PPoE to the quest server to supply my IPv4 address, and I selected Auto Detect in this dialog to try out IPv6. I looked at http://qwest.centurylink.com/internethelp/static-ipv6.html and only found details of using a limited selection of modems.

I’m interested in knowing if anyone that is not using one of the Centurylink supplied DSL Modems is using IPv6, and if so what settings are used, and what the results or various tests have been.