Remote Desktop with Hotmail Account

I have been using a Microsoft Account to log into my personal workstation for the past few years because it makes working with OneDrive fairly seamless. The account I use for logging in has an address. Because I have been using a Microsoft Surface as my primary machine for the past few years, I have also been taking advantage of the Windows Hello capable camera to log in with my face most of the time. I’m now in the process of migrating from a Surface 7 to a Surface 9.

There are always reasons to go back to the old machine and look at some particular setting or program. A Remote Desktop connection from my new machine to the old one is much easier than getting up and walking across the room to the other machine and allows copy and paste directly between machines. Both machines are running the Professional version of Windows so I can enable remote desktop.

I looked at who had access, it shows that my address already has access, as well as my local network account. When I tried to access it from the new machine, it prompted for my password, but rejected it. I repeated this process several times thinking I must be typing it incorrectly before searching for what might be happening.

I came across a solution which is very simple. I don’t understand what it’s doing, but it works.

On the old machine I ran the command runas /u:MicrosoftAccount\ winver it prompted me for my password, and then it displayed the standard windows version dialog box. I’m not sure why it worked, but I’m happy that I now can sit at my desk with the large monitor and keyboard and have access to both machines.

runas /u:MicrosoftAccount\ winver

Updated: I also came across the same answer using cmd.exe instead of winver.exe as the target of runas, but for some reason it was more difficult for me to understand what was going on. I think it was simply due to the way the email address was obscured in the second one that made it more difficult for me to understand, even though it may have had more screen captures in the demonstration.

Thanks for the information: