Nikon D5300 and GPS

I purchased a Nikon D5300 as an upgrade to my old Nikon D60 about two months ago. A major selling point of the D5300 for me was the built in GPS with the ability to add geotagging data to my pictures. I understand that it may take some amount of time for the camera to attain GPS lock after it’s been turned on but I’ve been seriously disappointed in the performance in this case.

During the two months I’ve had it I was not able to get it to acquire GPS data once. I regularly walk south along the Seattle waterfront as part of my daily commute, a little over half an hours walk. I tried multiple times to leave the camera turned on for the entire walk with the camera hung around my neck sitting at my stomach. but it never managed to do anything but blink the satellite indicator on thew screen.

Finally this last week, I went and downloaded a copy of the A-GPS Update File from the Nikon Web site. After doing that, and starting a GPS Logging operation at the beginning of my walk south, the camera was able to report GPS position for the first time. Even after it was in logging mode and reporting GPS position for some of the pictures, it wouldn’t maintain them for all of the pictures in a sequence of pictures.

The data file that I downloaded is supposedly only good for less than a month, and even then only two weeks at a time, so to make this useful, it appears that I’ll have to get new downloads from Nikon at least once a month.

I believe the GPS antenna is not mounted in the highest portion of the camera. There’s a flat portion of the case between the main control selector dial and the case strap that has the GPS symbol as well as the WiFi.

Because I don’t have an android phone or iPhone I find the WiFi connectivity feature useless. I can’t connect it to my local network at home or work and control the camera from a device on my local network. I would have to disconnect my ipad from my local network and connect it to my camera, which means that I have no advantage in using my camera to shoot pictures to social networking sites.

I like the camera for its resolution and low light sensitivity, just am disappointed in the wireless features.