Retrieve Wi-Fi Password on iPhone

I needed to share a Wi-Fi password for a network my iPhone regularly connects to, but I was not near at the time. This is with iOS 16.5, I’m not sure what versions this will work with. On the iPhone go into settings, then select Wi-Fi.


The default view shows what you are connected to and the nearby networks. Hit the Edit button at the top right of the screen to see stored networks instead of what’s nearby.


Select the network you want to examine.

Wi-Fi after hitting Edit

Hit the hidden password item. (the dots)

Network selected

It should prompt you for access. My phone used facial recognition. Then it will show you the password and let you copy it.

Password exposed

Google Fi 5G

Yesterday (3/29/2023) Google sent out an email explaining how to enable 5G on capable iPhones running the latest iOS.

I followed the instructions and rebooted my phone for good measure.

For all the marketing hype, I’m not sure I care about 5G, but it’s good to have it available.

Instructions to turn on 5G on your iPhone®

  1. Upgrade your iPhone® to the latest version of iOS (16.4)
  2. Open your iPhone® Settings, then tap on: Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data or Cellular > tap on your Google Fi number > Voice & Data
  3. Select “5G Auto”

Because most of the time since I’ve been connected to my local WiFi, I can’t really tell if I’m on 5G or not. The space that was showing 5G in the previous image has the WiFi signal indicator.

iOS 16 Volume Control Change

I hate change for change sake. Apple seems to have modified the volume control for music playing on the Lock Screen and I can’t see a good reason for the change.

Music playing via AirPods

While listening to music via AirPods it seems the only way to adjust the volume is to press the physical up/down buttons on the phone.

Music playing via AirPlay on speakers

When music is playing on external speakers the volume control line is visible below the play control.

My cardio workout has me using AirPods with the phone resting horizontally on the machine in front of me. In the past if I needed to adjust the volume I could tap the screen to wake it up, then adjust the volume with the slider. I also had visual feedback as to where the volume was set. With the new layout I have to pick up the phone, press the volume button, and return the phone to its resting location. It may sound like a minimal change but has to do a lot with balance and cadence, plus a much larger chance of dropping the phone.

iOS 16 Lock Screen Music Player

Yesterday I noticed the nice cover art display on the lock screen of my upgraded iPhone. Today while working out I noticed it was working differently, much closer to the old style.

I couldn’t think of what might have caused the change. I scrolled up and there were some older notifications. I deleted all of them, but still no change. Then it occurred to me to tap the thumbnail of the cover art.

I have no idea why it was defaulting to the thumbnail today after defaulting to full screen yesterday.

I upgraded to iOS 16 today

I haven’t found anything that significantly annoyed me yet.

When I’m playing music and there’s cover art, it’s now displayed on the Lock Screen, which is nice.

When the cover art is missing, the controls are now at the bottom of the screen. Each time I see them there I start to rotate my phone, thinking I’ve picked it up upside down.

I’m sure I’ll get used to the new layout. I find this problem funny, at least today.

iOS14 Date Time Picker Rant

I upgraded to iOS14 as soon as it was released just because I almost always keep my devices running the most up to date software I can. I don’t care about the widgets or interface customization options that were introduced with iOS14. I think much of that customization is actually what has kept me away from running Android.

The one thing that I really hate that was introduced was the date time picker in iOS14. I’ve included screenshots from my iPhone 11 Pro Max running the new version and my iPhone 7 running the old version.

The old version had the issue that it was not intuitive to be able to pick a minute that didn’t align to five minute increments, but was very easy to select the day, hour, or minute individually and scroll to a reasonable number for the start time, then switch the the end time and do the same. The keyboard was only shown when I was typing the name of the appointment or the location.

The new one uses half of the screen to pick just the day, as well as displaying the keyboard, which does not seem to affect the time. I touch the tiny display with the time, and if I can select the hour, I can scroll my finger up and down over the entire screen to scroll the number. If I miss the number slightly, the screen moves to show my another part of the entry field. Then I have to repeat the same solution with the minute. When I’m trying to hit the hour, I hit the minute, and vice versa.

Because of the size of the calendar entry, I have to scroll the entire screen to find where the end time might be.

This change just feels like change for change sake, and poorly implemented. I wonder if it’s even worse on a smaller screen.

Old Man Yells at Cloud

iOS14.1 was released today, and I’ve already upgraded to it, but don’t see anything I’d consider an improvement to this issue.

Being a responsible drone pilot

I try to be a responsible drone pilot. I use the FAA B4UFly App on a regular basis to see what it has to say about locations that I’m interested in flying. Unfortunately, it lists every uncontrolled heliport as an airport and reports “Action Required” so often as to be nearly useless.

Yesterday I was sitting on the beach at Golden Gardens Park in Seattle, watching sailboats race offshore. I thought it would be good to check to see what the app would show. I was sitting at sea level, with a hill near me that would be at least 200 feet high. The rules for drones say that you are not allowed to fly over 400 feet above the surface without permission from the controlling authority. Aircraft are not allowed to fly below 700 feet without similar permission.


Golden Gardens is located about where the “E” in KENMORE sits on the map above. It’s under the Class B Airspace that starts at 3,000 feet, going up to 10,000 feet.

While understanding VFR charts  may be more than the average drone pilot should be expected to recognize, especially for a dense area like Seattle, the B4UFly App’s tendency to show warnings is similar to the boy who cried wolf. It’s impossible to recognize when an action is really appropriate.