Gmails new interface

I’ve finally been forced to accept the new interface in Gmail.

What I hate is the vertical bar on the far left. It extends the entire height of the window, though there’s nothing on it beyond the four options displayed here, Mail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet. There’s also a hamburger menu at the top which claims to hide the main menu. It hides the Gmail labels pane instead of whatever the leftmost pane is called. There’s also a vertical bar on the far right that allows me to jump to Calendars, Keep, Tasks, or Contacts. The right bar can be minimized. It seems to me that the items on the left belong on the right along with the other apps, taking up less screen space.

Old Man Yells at Cloud

I know that this is not likely to make any difference, but sometimes it’s important to let off steam at decisions out of your control.