Old Humor: Three Tortoises

Another old story:

Three tortoises, Phil, John and Dave, decide to go on a picnic. So Dave packs the picnic basket with beer and sandwiches. The trouble is the picnic site is ten miles away so it takes them ten days to get there.

When they get there Dave unpacks the food and beer.

“OK Phil give me the bottle opener.”

“I didn’t bring it,” says Phil. “I thought you packed it.”

Dave gets worried, He turns to John, “Did you bring the bottle opener?”

Naturally John didn’t bring it. So they’re stuck ten miles from home without a bottle opener. Dave and John beg Phil to go back for it.

But he refuses as he says they will eat all the sandwiches.

After two hours, and after they have sworn on their tortoise lives that they will not eat the sandwiches, he finally agrees. So Phil sets off down the road at a steady pace.

Twenty days pass and he still isn’t back and Dave and John are starving, but a promise is a promise.

Another five days and he still isn’t back, but a promise is a promise.

Finally they can’t take it any longer so they take out a sandwich each, and just as they are about to eat it, Phil pops up from behind a rock and shouts……..

“I KNEW IT!!. ………………….I’M NOT F**KING GOING!”

Wooden Nickels

The Coug - Good for one beer on the last Tuesday of the month

The Coug

I  came across a jar of old coins recently and inside were a couple of wooden nickels. These were tokens redeemable for beer at taverns that I frequented in the years adjacent to graduating from university.

I’ve not spent much time in taverns in recent years. I’ve definitely not spent much time near the coug in Pullman Washington.  I’ve got fond memories of beer and burgers in the coug. It was the bar that was closest to campus, right between campus and fraternity row.

Good for one Draft Beer

Marilyn’s Central Tavern

Marilyns Central Tavern was in downtown kirkland washington. I believe it still exists simply as the Central Tavern. I was a team member in a billiards league during early 1990 that went to many taverns around the east side of lake washington. It was during that time I learned the difference between a bar and a tavern. A tavern doesn’t serve alcoholic drinks stronger than beer and wine, while a bar serves hard alcohol.

These wooden nickles were bigger than a half dollar, though significantly lighter because of the wood. I don’t remember what the tokens cost. I vaguely remember the coug having two dollar Tuesdays, where a burger and fries cost $2, and the beer was sold in smaller plastic cups on those days that many empties would be stacked up by the end of the evening.

Do these customs still exist?

The Coug Obverse

The Coug Obverse

Marilyn's Obverse

Marilyn’s Obverse

Size with Quarter for Comparison

Size with Quarter for Comparison