Public Art in Ballard

Last fall there was some art in the Ballard park that I found interesting. I mainly found it interesting because at first I didn’t notice it was art at all, just thought it was some safety signs.  Each reflective metal sign was affixed to a light post in the park, with a zip tied laminated paper description below. They were not all together.

Strange Cereal Box Artwork

I recently bought some cereal and the back of the box struck me as fairly odd.

I was initially thinking that the really odd part was simply the expressions on the kids faces and how much joy or fear they seemed to be expressing. I’m not a morning person and I rarely express much joy while eating my breakfast cereal.

CocoaPebblesFront CocoaPebblesRear CocoaPebblesRight CocoaPebblesLeft

Because I know that I find looking at old consumer goods interesting just a few short years after they seemed normal, I decided I needed to scan a copy of the box. After I was looking at the pictures just now, I realized that the image could be titled Colon-Blow and seems to be something I might not want to be eating.