Amazon Product Differences

Recently, on March 27th, I bought an Ice Pick from Amazon and found that I like making drinks from chipped ice significantly more than cubes made from an ice machine.

Since I’m now stocking multiple locations, I needed another for my boat. I ordered the exact same part from Amazon and it was delivered on June 6th.

What I found interesting is that the first item had a cherry finish stain to the wood, while the second has a much lighter and less red finish. Either one is fine, and I wouldn’t have a problem if I had not seen the other. I just wish they were the same and prefer the darker finish.

Functionally they are the same, and really nice for breaking up blocks of ice to put in drinks.

GoPro Flat Mount

I’ve had GoPro mounts fixed to either side of the boom of the sail boat I race on for several years. I primarily use the one on the starboard side, producing videos of races like the one below.

Last week the camera got caught in the reefing line as we raised the main sail, pulling the sticky mount completely off the boom. From past experience dropping the Gopro on the boat, I use a safety cord tied to the camera, so did not lose the camera.

This week I visited the boat the day before our race and installed a new mount on the boom. I also made sure that the reefing lines were resting on the port side of the boom so the camera wouldn’t be caught during the raise.

Soon after we had raised the main and taken a couple of tacks, the camera had shaken itself off the boom. The sticky pad didn’t stay stuck to the boom.

After I got home, I peeled the remainder of the sticky pad from the old mount with a lot of effort. I was able to peel the sticky pad from the new mount easily and in one piece.

The old mount is top right, the new mount is bottom left. An unused mount from my GoPro box is bottom right.

At one time I purchased a bunch of GoPro mounts in a kit from Amazon. The kit had a chest strap that was significantly cheaper than the original GoPro branded one. It was worth the price for me. I noticed that if I kept the new items in a Ziploc bag, the plastic had a distinct smell, while the original GoPro plastic did not. Knowing what I do about plastics, I didn’t want to trust my GoPro to the cheap plastic, unfortunately after having things sit around for a couple seasons I forgot that.

I believe the mount with the voids under the groove edges are from the inexpensive package. Along with questionable plastic, I believe it also used a less sticky adhesive pad.

I’ll try replacing the mount with the remaining original this coming week and hopefully be able to record another race