Google Fi 5G

Yesterday (3/29/2023) Google sent out an email explaining how to enable 5G on capable iPhones running the latest iOS.

I followed the instructions and rebooted my phone for good measure.

For all the marketing hype, I’m not sure I care about 5G, but it’s good to have it available.

Instructions to turn on 5G on your iPhone®

  1. Upgrade your iPhone® to the latest version of iOS (16.4)
  2. Open your iPhone® Settings, then tap on: Cellular > Cellular Data Options > Voice & Data or Cellular > tap on your Google Fi number > Voice & Data
  3. Select “5G Auto”

Because most of the time since I’ve been connected to my local WiFi, I can’t really tell if I’m on 5G or not. The space that was showing 5G in the previous image has the WiFi signal indicator.