Arducam 8MP IMX219 175 Degree Ultra Wide Angle Raspberry Pi Camera Module

I’ve been playing with several cameras attached to raspberry pi recently. Getting cameras is easy right now while getting Raspberry Pi is not. I purchased this model from Amazon and have it connected to a Raspberry Pi4. I had to upgrade the unit from running Raspian Buster to Raspian Bullseye to get support for this particular camera.

Amazon Listing

I was doing some searching for red tint problems and fixing them, and it seems to be something that should be able to fix in software. Most of the fixes refer to Jetson Nano, which is not the platform I’m working with, so the fixes don’t align with my platform.

Red Tint Problem on IMX219

I still need to manually focus the lens on this camera. It’s always a frustrating process on a small lens like this because my fingers obscure the view. I’m running with camera_auto_detect=1 while recommends modifying /boot/config.txt and setting both camera_auto_detect=0 and dtoverlay=imx219. exiftool reports Camera Model Name : /base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx219@10 with the current settings. I’ve verified that using the explicit camera overlay produces the same red tint as well as having exactly the same Model Name in the exif data.

I was able to find the file /usr/share/libcamera/ipa/raspberrypi/imx219.json which may be similar to the ISP files the Jetson platforms were using. I’m still working on the red tint.


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