TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter connected to my Samsung Soundbar

A couple of years ago I bought a discount sound bar to use as my computer speaker. I’ve been really happy with the sound quality. It’s connected via an optical cable to my computer and has a separate subwoofer.

This summer I moved into a new apartment, and during the last month I’ve run into a problem. One of my neighbors seems to be connecting to my soundbar via Bluetooth.

By watching the display I was able to at least learn what brand device was connecting. I still don’t know the exact model name. https://www.taotronics.com/bluetooth-transmitter-reset.html shows how to reset the device itself. Unfortunately my soundbar doesn’t have a way of setting the Bluetooth pairing code, or resetting the handshake with any devices that may want to connect with it, or fully disabling Bluetooth. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/owners/product/2015-soundbar-w-subwoofer-hw-j355

When I first noticed the problem, the sound bar was in a mode that would let Bluetooth turn on the sound bar, which was extremely frustrating when I was nearly asleep and the soundbar would start playing noises for no reason. That caused me to learn how to disable the Bluetooth power on feature of the sound bar.  Now at least it will only switch to Bluetooth when I’m actually using the soundbar for computer output.

The TaoTronics devices seem to be able to connect to multiple devices at the same time. I’m guessing that my neighbor has no idea that they are connecting to a second device at all. Obviously it’s built to make connecting to devices as easy as possible.

If anyone has suggestions on how to reject an already paired device from Bluetooth, I’d love to see it in the comments. I’m willing to use one of my Raspberry Pi devices that supports Bluetooth to see if there’s a way to send an interrupt signal.

3 thoughts on “TaoTronics Bluetooth Transmitter connected to my Samsung Soundbar

    • I wish I found the solution. I configured the soundbar so that it can’t be turned on by bluetooth, and I’m pretty sure the neighbor with the TaoTronics device moved out.

  1. I came to this blog thinking this was finally the answer! It was exactly the same problem I was having and it was really annoying to have the audio switch out right in the middle of a TV show. I was disappointed to find there was no answer (except possibly chasing the neighbor away). However, after a couple months of this issue and getting tired of losing audio and having to switch to the less than stellar TV audio, I went online again in search for an answer, and found a parts list.

    The parts list noted a bluetooth module. I don’t use bluetooth on my Samsung soundbar. Only my neighbor with his TaoTronics device sending me audio from some strange show in a different language seems to use the bluetooth. So I decided to open the soundbar and search for said bluetooth module. After countless screws (somewhere in the range of 15-20) I managed to slide open the soundbar to expose the circuit board. Right away I could see a white clip connector attached to what looked like the bluetooth module. I double checked to make sure it was the module as the parts list online and it looked pretty close. What harm would pulling the clip do? So taking a pair of computer tweezers, I pressed on the release mechanism and lifted the cable out (there’s a locking mechanism so you can’t just pull it out, you need to lever the locking clip open and pull). With that off, I put the case back on and plugged it all in and… no sound. I mean no TV sound at all.

    Turns out, I pulled the circuit board apart from each other as well. Not broken, but a 10 pin or so socket that connected the controls on the top with the control board. Once I reseated the circuit board. The TV sound started working! And no bluetooth interruption!.

    As a test, I replugged the bluetooth module to test the soundbar, and again the TaoTronics kept connecting to the speaker and interfered with my TV watching. Disconnecting that clip from the bluetooth module, and carefully stashing the cable inside the soundbar, stopped the speaker from switching to bluetooth.

    So hopefully this is the answer. I just did the fix today so I’ll have to see if TaoTronics returns to my soundbar. The soundbar is 5 years old and I was already contemplating replacing it as Samsung should have let us change the code to prevent random connections and TaoTronics should be less aggressive with connecting to bluetooth speakers. Now I can enjoy my perfectly solid sounding soundbar for watching TV. I also use optical for my TV audio and sometimes I’ll plug a Chromecast audio into the auxiliary port to stream music. Never use bluetooth as I have many other bluetooth speakers to use with my phone and those don’t get hijacked by TaoTronics.

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