Time to get rid of old Samsonite

It’s finally time to get rid of the oldest suitcase that I’ve been keeping around. I’ve had a stack of suitcases in my storage unit for the past several years, and I occasionally pull one out if I’m traveling and need more than an overnight bag can easily carry.

This one is kind of interesting, and the stickers on it are nostalgic for me. It still has the manufacturer sticker proclaiming that it has WHEELS!

Samsonite with handle extended

Samsonite with handle extended

Samsonite with handle secured

Samsonite with handle secured

This was the first generation suitcase with wheels, and it really was a big deal. Mom bought this suitcase, but it became the suitcase that I carried most often. I know that the suitcase was purchased in 1981 or earlier, because the cruise stickers were from Christmas of 1981. This is the style case cruise ships still recommend, because it opens in the middle, lies flat, and can slide under most beds. You can see that the plastic feet for the suitcase have broken off in recent years.

We lived in Australia from 1981 to 1983. I really liked the Advance Australia logo, and anyone who’s checked luggage a lot knows that making your luggage recognizable is important.

P&O was the Pacific and Orient Cruise Line, which became famous running Princess Cruises, and we went out on the Sea Princess. The Sea Princess was the sister ship to the Pacific Princess, which was the ship used for the TV Series The Love Boat.

Inside Airline Tag

Inside Airline Tag with our Australia address and phone number

This was the suitcase I took with me when I went off to university, with everything I needed for the first semester if school inside. When I graduated a few years later, I had a 5’x10′ storage unit full of stuff.

This suitcase has carried a lot of memories for me. Now it’s taking space in a storage unit that needs to be made available for other items.

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