Hobbylord Bumblebee-S

I bought a new drone platform this weekend. I was in a hobby shop and there was a Bumblebee that had been left on consignment for sale. I liked the look of it, but hoped to do more flying of my existing drone during the day so left it there. While sitting at the flying field waiting for the rain to clear I did some more research on the unit and decided I wanted to get it. I called back, made and offer, and it was accepted.

I picked up a BumbleBee that included the motors and ESCs but no control board or power distribution board. It’s a nice design that folds to a much smaller space for transport. The power connectors to the ESCs seem to be red shrouded connectors that I’ve heard commonly referred to as JST connectors. A little research points out that JST is the likely manufacturer of  the connector, but that it’s simply one of a range of connectors they sell. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JST_connector.

I’ve got my APM board that I retired from my primary UAV when I decided to buy the Pixhawk, so hopefully with the simple addition of a power distribution cable and my other existing hardware I should be able to have a second flying drone.

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