FrSKY X8R Receiver

FrSKY X8R PackageAfter purchasing my Taranis combination that came with an X8R receiver, I realized that part of why I wanted the Taranis was the easy ability to switch between remote receivers that I was controlling. I want to be able to control a fixed wing aircraft as well as my quad copter. The easiest way to do that is to have separate receivers, one for each vehicle. Then you can switch models in your transmitter and be ready to go. had two versions of the X8R available for sale. One titled “RSKY X8R – 16 CHANNEL, SBUS, SMART PORT RECEIVER (ANTENNA COMBO)” , the other “FRSKY X8R – 16 CHANNEL, SBUS, SMART PORT RECEIVER“, not mentioning the antenna combo. Both items were out of stock, and I had to be put on a notification wait list. I recieved the notification and quickly decided to order it. The price difference was $0.50 so I ordered the combo, but didn’t really know what I’d be getting.

It appears that the difference between the two models is that this one comes with both antennas and bare wires that can be switched out. I can’t see a reason I’d want to switch out using the hard terminated antennae vs using the bare wire ending. I’ve read some recent articles talking about the tight tolerances on antenna design at 2.4GHz that lead me to believe that some of the rough handling that happens to RC aircraft could mess with those tolerances. I still don’t know if I ordered the item without the combo if I’d have received the version with the hard antennae or the bare wires.


Fr SKY X8R 8/16 Channel Telemetry Reciever

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