Tide Pod Packaging

I recently had to replenish my laundry detergent. The last time I’d replaced it was after a trial of using the Tide Pods, liking the convenience, and liking the predictability of knowing how many loads left before I had to refill. I decided to go with the packaging that had 62 pods in a clear plastic container.
The old container was transparent and the new container is opaque. The advantage of the old container was that at a glance I could tell that I had multiple pods left for cleaning. I don’t see any advantage in the new package. I do notice that the new package now has warnings not to eat the pods, and not to touch your eyes after touching the pods. I expect that the reason for the change was because of children thinking the pods are pretty like candy and eating them. Because I had the old packaging, I simply poured all the new pods into the old container, but I might have been less likely to migrate to using pods if the convenience factor was not there for me initially.

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