I replaced Google Reader with InoReader

Google reader has been my primary method of keeping up with technological changes over the past few years. I’ve liked the cloud based system that I can read from my laptop, desktop, or tablet, and it will keep track of what I’e read so I don’t have to read the same thing multiple times.

In the early days of the internet, I used usenet news feeds and an nntp reader to keep up with what was going on around the world and with various programming projects. A decade after Usenet died under its own weight Google Reader made RSS a usable replacement for me.

Google reader announced they were shutting down after July 1st, and they followed through with it.

I’ve tried out Feedly, Digg, and looked at several more. I decided to go with InoReader because while it only has a cloud based interface, it is most similar to the quick method I’ve been used to for reading my news.

Feedly has a really nice iPad app that syncs with their system. Digg has an iPad app, but it requires iOS6, which I’ve delayed installing, and I’ve not seen it in use yet.

I’m certain that Google exiting the RSS reader market has increased the innovation in RSS Readers, and may create a revitalization of the technology in general.

3 thoughts on “I replaced Google Reader with InoReader

  1. I have the exact same requirements – a cloud based solution that syncs across multiple desktops and mobile devices. I have gone with Feedly so far, although I’m not as pleased with it as Google Reader. I will have to check out InoReader, although it doesn’t look like an Android app exists quite yet.

  2. A bad thing about the InoReader migration was that it didn’t get what I’d already read from all my feeds. A couple of the other migrations I tried did manage to get my current reading position. Still I like the interface on InoReader, so I’m going to give it a try for at least a week,

  3. Android app is coming in July. I was not a fan of feedly or theoldreader. However, inoreader interface is what made it great for me.

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