With the lack of movement on TiVo Desktop support for Windows 8, and several other issues I’ve had I decided to write my own implementation of a TiVo Server. I’d first investigated what else was out there. The primary server is pyTiVo, a python and FFMPEG based tivo server. It has had significant work into it, and supports both push and pull methods for transferring files to TiVos. My issue with it is that it requires the installation of python, which is one more environment that I don’t really want to install and maintain on my windows server if I don’t need to.

I used to run a TiVo Publisher Add-In for my windows home server. http://durfee.net/software/2007/07/tivo-publisher-for-whs.html It hasn’t been updated in over 5 years, and didn’t handle newer codecs or install on newer servers. I’ve upgraded my server to a much newer server and would like a similar service to run on my server, so that files on the server can be directly transcoded to the TiVo without requiring a running desktop machine, or a logged in console.

In the decision to write my own software, I was reminded that the reason I’ve not done it in the past is that the information on the TiVo protocol is so hard to come by, plus it has some confusing issues.  The TiVo Server protocol is referred to as TiVo Home Media Option, or HMO Server.  The documents from TiVo are sometimes difficult to be found, but a copy is located at http://www.tivocommunity.com/tivo-vb/showthread.php?p=5834238#post5834238

The fact that TiVo doesn’t host the documents in a standardized location indicates something about the withering support for the developer community by the company.

After starting to type some of this information up, I’ve realized how much information I’ve collected and distilled down to a small running program. Because of that I plan on breaking my thoughts into several posts.

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