Amtrak Seattle to Olympia

A couple weekends ago I took Amtrak from Seattle’s King St., Station to Olympia Washington.

It cost less than gas money would have cost, $20 going down and $23 coming back.

The return trip was a bit of an experience.

I received a telephone call at 6:20 AM. When your phone rings in the middle of the night and wakes you up you debate whether to answer it. Then you’re likely to lie awake wondering who would’ve called you in the middle of the night. After coming to the conclusion that the only thing we can be on the phone at that time of the day is bad news you need to get up and figure out what the message was. In this case it turns out that it was 12 hours before my scheduled departure. Amtrak was calling to tell me that my train was delayed. Later when I checked on the website I found out that might train was delayed by four hours. There were trains scheduled two hours before and two hours after the train that I had selected. I called into the Amtrak number that would have been left on my voicemail message it was specifically for rescheduling reservations. The train before my schedule had no available seats the train after my schedule have one available seat and she was able to get me on that train with no fare change issues. The train I was scheduled on was currently running seven hours delayed.

I got to be looking station and have a normal uneventful trip back home.

Boarding the train in Olympia I was just told to take any available seat. Boarding the train in Seattle southbound you’re given explicit seat number that you’re supposed to sit in.

The people working the station in Olympia said that the through trains that start in San Diego quite often run late while the local trains that start in Oregon are more often on time.

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