GoodToGo and changing license plates.

I have a good to go pass for driving across the 520 bridge.

I decided the get personalized license plates for my car.

They issued me a temporary paper license plate with the new plate, as well as a new registration for my car.

Should I remove the old metal plates from the car now, since my paper plate is visible in the back window?

Should I change my Good2Go account to reflect the new plates now?

What would happen if I drive the bridge and had removed my transponder?

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I wrote the above while I was thinking about stuff last night. Today I went to the web site and looked into changing the plate name associated with my tag. It has options to reference a temporary tag, along, which I’m fairly certain might take care of the questions that I came up with.
I decided that I wasn’t interested in looking up my VIN number and would wait to switch the GoodToGo system till I got the new plates in the mail. I can’t remember the legalities of if I need to leave the old plates on the car along with the temporary plate anyway, and decided it’s best not to mess with things.


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